About Kait

Well hi there!

So first of all, here’s a little disclaimer-

I’m an amateur home cook, an amateur photographer, and a very very amateur writer. Like, I’m a horrible writer, but you’ll see.

Still here? Good!

I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but never had my own kitchen until 2 years ago when my husband and I moved from Louisiana to Colorado to start our careers.

I have to admit that I started this hobby because I was trying to save money by not having Mr. Bou and I buy our lunches everyday. I would look at my 10 dollar lunch and think – I bet I can make that!

It also didn’t hurt that my husband will always finish whatever experimental recipe I make – no matter how horrible. And our cutie Siberian husky, Kato, will handle any scraps that somehow always end up on the floor (I told you I’m a beginner, ok!)

I love hosting family that’s in town and our dear friends that we’ve made in our new home. Along with that, I’ve also enjoyed helping my millennial friends (shout out) how to cook when they are just starting to “adult”.

There are so many terms, tricks, and basic recipes that I had (still have) to Google because I was too embarrassed to ask what I thought I should already know.

Every home cook has to start somewhere, and I hope I can help you navigate your kitchen as I do the same!

Happy cooking! -Kait

Email me for any recipes or beginners tips that you would like to see at chatkaitskitchen@gmail.com