Sunday Shopping – Leftover Food Storage

Let’s talk about leftoversssss. Well, not so much the leftovers but where do you put them?

By now, you know that I prefer to make BIG meals and eat on the dish over the course of a few days. This keeps me out of the kitchen for every single meal where I can spend more time with my family and writing these posts 😁

After we wrap up the meal the first night, we need to pick up the rest of the dish right? Well you COULD use an old margarine container, but I have a better idea.

I’m not going to claim that I only have the food storage listed below, I have a few plastic containers that I just can’t let go of. But over time I plan to switch my entire cabinet to what is listed below. 

And I feel the need to remind you that these are nice to have and not NEED to have. I don’t want you to spend your last dollar on these, but if you have boring interests like pantry organization (like lil ole me) and you’re looking for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift…. Send this to your kids or partner 🤪

leftover food storage product round up

Let’s shop leftover storage!

  1. Pyrex 3 cup Meal Prep Containers – These were my go-to for bringing pre-portioned meals to work. It’s the perfect size for lunch. Plus, when the lids start to crack (it’s inevitable) you can buy replacements here
  2. Pyrex 11 cup Food Storage Container – These are perfect for a big pasta dish or a roast.
  3. Pyrex 3 quart Bake and Store Pan – I’m not entirely sure why these aren’t more popular but I love the fact that you can make a casserole or a big cornbread in this dish and then store it in the fridge in the exact same container. I love it so amazing 🤩
  4. Pyrex Round Containers Set – For leftover soups, gravies, etc. I don’t grab these as often but they are always nice to have.
  5. Corningware Mug Storage with Lid – These can be made for individual French onion soups, desserts, or soup storage. We have a 6 pack and they are well used. 
  6. CorningWare 14 piece Bakeware set – This was a wedding gift and it’s such a nice set to have! This is another bake to store set and the pans are so pretty. I do wish the larger pans had handles for placing in and out of oven.

Want to do more shopping?

You can find my last week’s Sunday Shopping all about my favorite Target finds here. Or you can shop my must have baby products here!

And as always, thank you for being here! Thanks for choosing my blog to help feed your beautiful family, I know there are so many others to choose from. 

I’m here to help if you have any questions! Here’s how to get to my Instagram page, and here’s my Facebook page. Talk soon!  – Kait 

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