5 Easy Ground Beef Recipes

It’s no secret that we eat plenty of ground beef in this house. Ground beef is easily accessible, affordable, and can be frozen to extend its shelf life.

In my recipes below, I always use at least a 90% lean ground beef. I prefer to use either local ground beef from a butcher (or gifted from friends) OR my favorite in store brand is Laura’s Lean Beef. I think the quality is so much better than the store brand option and only $0.50 more per pound. Works for me!!

I thought it would be only natural that I start my new Grocery Store Spotlight Items on our favorite ground beef recipes. 😍

collage of ground beef recipes

These 5 ground beef recipes are some of our FAVORITES and are cooked in constant rotation. I know you have a pound of ground beef in your home, so pick one of these and let’s get dinner started!!

overhead photo of rice dressing

First up is our tried and true – EASY RICE DRESSING

This rice dressing recipe is made weekly in our house. It is just SO EASY and filling. This meal reminds me of my mom since she would bring this dish over to almost every family gathering (and it was always well loved).

  • Easy rating – 10/10
  • Total cook time – 1 hour 15 minutes
overhead photo of taco bake

Next up, we have TACO BAKE

I love a good baked pasta dish! This one is LOADED with ingredients and flavor. This dish will feed many hungry mouths AND it reheats lovely. This was my favorite to bring to work for lunches in the office.

  • Easy Rating – 8/10
  • Total cook time – 1 hour
overhead photo of hamburger helper


This is such a comfort meal that comes together all in one pot! You could buy the box. Or you could just make this recipe that is made with freshly shredded cheese and MORE pasta. Yeah, I’m going to go with the more pasta option 🤪

  • Easy Rating – 8/10
  • Total cook time – 40 minutes
taco stuffed shells on a white plate

Let’s talk about these TACO STUFFED SHELLS

I find myself making these over and over again. Not because it’s the easiest recipe, but because it looks way more sophisticated than the effort that goes into it. This recipe is a little more labor intensive just because it requires the shells to be stuffed, buttt it’s still easy and will impress your family and friends without cooking for hours!

  • Easy Rating – 6/10
  • Total cook time – 1 hour
overhead photo of red beans and rice on a plate

And last but certainly not least, QUICK AND EASY RED BEANS AND RICE

Red beans and rice is a staple in most Louisiana homes, but everyone makes it different! I like mine with ground beef in the recipe to be more filling and ultimately stretch the dish. You can serve with smoked sausage in the dish itself or grilled on the side. It’s up to you! This recipe is made with canned red beans, so instead of taking HOURS to make, it can be on your table in an hour flat. Can’t beat that!

  • Easy Rating – 7/10
  • Total cook time – 1 hour

So which one are you going to make?? I cannot wait to see your delicious dinners! 😋

And as always, thank you for being here! Thanks for choosing my blog to help feed your beautiful family, I know there are so many others to choose from 💖 

I’m here to help if you have any questions! Here’s how to get to my Instagram page, and here’s my Facebook page. Talk soon!  – Kait 💕

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