2020 Gift Guides

Gift Guides have always been helpful for me in the past, so I wanted to create a few to help you out! This year has been the weirdest year of them all and I think we would all appreciate a CALM and HAPPY holiday season.

My goal for these gift guides were to keep them affordable, with still including my most loved items around the house. Also, my apologies if you’re in my inner circle and will be receiving a gift from me because your gift is definitely on one of these guides 🤪

Disclaimer: If you purchase from any of the Amazon links, I will receive a small commission with no extra charge to you!

Happy Shopping!!

Madeline's gift guide

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  1. Little Tikes Rocking Horse – $27 – Sturdy and can release some energy INDOORS since we can’t always play outside in the winter.
  2. Poke A Dot Book – $11- This was recommended to me and she LOVES it already (yes, I caved and gave it to her early!)
  3. Elsa Stuffed Doll – $24 – Because we love Elsa
  4. Frozen Sticker Set – $11 – Because we love stickers and they keep her entertained while mom and dad have to work/cook/go to bathroom in peace 🤣
  5. Toddler Golf Set – $26 – Cody is convinced she will be a golf pro…we’ll see.
  6. Surprise present!! I’ll update after Christmas.

Christmas gifts for 1 year old

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

  1. Play Outfit – $15 – My favorite play set for Madeline!! If you’re somewhere warm, they can wear this year round.
  2. Pack of 3 Beanies – $24 – I bought these for Madeline when she was 5 months old and they still fit at 18 months. They are lined and very warm for little heads.
  3. Magnetic Letters and Animals – $15 – We love these magnets for our fridge, especially for when I’m cooking!
  4. California Tot Clip Bows – $13 – These clips are lined so that it won’t pull Madeline’s fine hair. We love these!
  5. Leap Frog 100 Words Book – $15 – Madeline received this tablet for her 1st birthday and it’s such a great toy for the price.
  6. Taco Truck – currently $100 – There are so many ways to play with this Taco Truck and she’s still loving it 6 months later. (PS – We purchased this for $65 in the summer, so wait it out if you can)

stocking stuffers for babes

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

  1. Hand Teether – UH OH – this was discontinued. Here’s another teether we loved.
  2. Pack of 3 Beanies – $24 – I bought these for Madeline when she was 5 months old and they still fit at 18 months. They are lined and very warm for little heads.
  3. Stacking Rings – $7 – It’s a simple and necessary toy for all babes!
  4. Dimpl – $12 – This was a favorite toy of Madeline’s for a while!
  5. Little Einstein Radio – $9 – This thing kept us sane on long road trips
  6. Stacking Cups – $5 – One of our most played with toys from 9 months to now (18 months)

stocking stuffers for the homebody collage

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

  1. Black Tumbler with Straw – $9 – This is a newer purchase of mine but it’s all I drink out of these days!
  2. Soft Cashmere and Lavender Candle – $5 – I’m not sure about you but I have strict rules about scents in bedroom versus living room. In the bedroom, it HAS to be lavender and this candle is my new favorite. Such a cozy scent and you can’t beat that price!
  3. Luxury Bath Salts – $35 – I received this in a FabFitFun box 2 years ago and I STILL think about this bag of bath salts. Truly the best!!
  4. Mini Gold Hoops – $14 – My most worn pair of earrings. Love them so much.
  5. Initial Necklace – $38 – A birthday gift that I received this year and I love it!! Bold enough for a sweater but still not over the top.
  6. Hearth and Hand Mug – $5 – I love any mug from Chip and Jo’s Target collection. I can’t find the mugs that I have been using for years now but this is my favorite of their current collection.
  7. Stars Above Pajama Set – $22 – These pajama sets are SO SOFT. I will eventually buy every color in this set. And then the dresses. And then the long sleeve/pant sets 🤣 It’s that good!
  8. Scalp Massager – $8 – I love this thing. If you wear your hair in buns 24/7 like I do, or maybe wear dry shampoo for more days than acceptable, this scalp massager is for you!! I like to use this right before showering so that I can loosen up all of the product that I’ve put on my scalp before shampooing so I’m extra clean!! Plus it feels amazing 😍

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

  1. Suitcase Record Player – $60 – What? You don’t think this belongs on the list? Well we have this exact same one in our dining area and I LOVE playing records as I cook. Dancing while cooking is important. The food will taste better 😉
  2. Crock Pot Programmable Slow Cooker – $45 – This is actually my mom’s Christmas gift. I can say this because I shipped it to her house, assuming that it would come in an Amazon box and that I could wrap it when I traveled to Louisiana. NOPE. Came right in the Crock Pot box 🤣 Mom has been using the same manual Crock Pot since the mid 80s so it’s time for an upgrade!
  3. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet – $33 – This is the skillet that I use and I love it. I know that there are more expensive ones skillets there, but I have always enjoyed my cooking experience with this brand. This is the 12 inch that I use the most.
  4. 2 piece Bakeware Set – $25 – My exact set is no longer sold, but I love these stoneware sets from Target. Perfect for cornbread, casseroles, and the square pan is perfect for brownies 🤩
  5. Black Measuring Cups – $9 – Why measure your ingredients with ugly cups? It just makes the whole cooking experience more fun when you have pretty stuff to cook with.
  6. Marble & Wood Serving Tray – $20 – I love gifting this serving tray. It is gorgeous and perfectly priced. I think this could make an excellent White Elephant gift as well!
  7. Wood Cheese Tray – $55 – I don’t personally have this one, but I’ve seen it on other bloggers’ stories and it looks like a great buy! For the entertainer in your family!!
  8. NordicWare Half Sheets – $28 – The best baking sheets. I know this isn’t thought of as a sexy gift to give but what sexier than perfectly baked cookies? See my point?
  9. Set of 4 wine glasses – $25 – This will be my next wine glass set. I love the shape! 
  10. IKEA knife – $10 – This is my favorite knife for chopping veggies! And it’s only $10!!! 

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