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Oh, 3-6 months!! Madeline slept her first full night the day after she turned 3 months old and what a milestone for us!

This was the stage that she was no longer swaddled, started growing her hair in the front, only to completely lose it in the back, and started eating. She was becoming more of a person and less of a hungry/sleeping/pooping baby. You know what I mean, right?


This was also the time frame when I went back to work part time, stopped breastfeeding, and felt all of the emotions. I struggled with the adjustment of isolated mom life, while at the same time wanting to be nowhere else. It’s a weird headspace to be in – I’m always here if you need to chat.

In this phase you’re well adjusted to a little human needing your attention around the clock, but now. Woah, something else can actually entertain them!

These are the products that were the most helpful when Madeline was 3-6 months old, in addition to the products we used as a newborn. Have you looked at that list yet? Here you go!

Disclaimer: I have signed up with Amazon associates, so I may earn a commission on any purchases through Amazon links with no extra charge to you! I have also signed up with Buy Buy Baby, which is where we housed our main baby registry for Madeline! Here’s the link to sign up with a baby registry or to just find a product.

  • Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep suit – this suit – wow.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better. To be fully transparent, we didn’t buy one new! We borrowed from our friends since I knew it was $40 and wanted to try it out before buying. So worth it! Madeline was a good sleeper in her swaddles, but a great sleeper in this suit. It looks like an astronaut suit when worn, but creates that same weight and comfort that a swaddle does without being unsafe for the baby (just stop using once baby can roll from back to front easily)
  • Skip Hop Floor Seat – we love this thing! perfect for when your little one is just starting to sit up and we used it until 9 months old. It’s small enough to move from room to room easily or pack in the car when visiting friends or family. It has toys on one side and then can swivel around to a tray where you can put finger foods. I’ve sat this on our kitchen island countless times before she was big enough for her high chair.


  • Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes – Madeline’s radio!! This was gifted to us by my co-worker saying it was her son’s favorite toy. Best $9 you’ll spend because Madeline has loved it as well! We introduced it on her first trip to Louisiana at 4 months and she still loves it now at 9 months old.
  • Baby Einstein Infinity Blocks – This was another great find for the plane ride, it’s soft enough to squish into a diaper bag. It has high contrast colors that are perfect for that 3-5 month age group. There are no flashing lights or music, but perfect. I like gifting this toy. Explaining picture below – She would play with this toy and then flip it onto her head, and then forget how to get it off and just lay there with the toy on her head. Never laughed so hard! 


  • Baby Einstein Activity Jumper– funny story, we weren’t going to buy this one. We were going to get the Skip Hop jumper, but when we visited Louisiana for the first time (she was 4 months old), both of our parents had bought this jumper for their homes! It was too big of a coincidence that we needed to get one ourselves. We used this jumper so much around 5-7 months before she was sturdy sitting on her own. It was amazing for work hours and would keep her entertained. She still sits in it from time to time at 9 months old.
  • Sophie La Giraffe – it’s a teether. It’s expensive for a teether. It’s her favorite teether. OF COURSE! Get this for your friend who is pregnant!! She will thank you around month 5
  • WubbaNub – Madeline stopped taking pacifiers around 4 months and instead just gnaws on them and cuddles them to sleep. These are popular for a reason, the only downside is that you cannot detach the pacifier from the stuffed animal for quick pacifier cleaning. These detach though and she loves both equally.
  • Munch Mitt – This kept Madeline busy on flights and kept her happy when all she wanted to do was gnaw on anything and everything.

munch mitt

  • OXO Tot Feeding Spoon –  my favorite baby spoon for purees, oatmeal, and cereals.
  • Infantino Baby Carrier – This is $30!! I’m going to be frank here, you do not need an expensive baby carrier if you only use it a few times a week/month. We only used ours for hours at a time when we were in airports. I’ve worn it a few times in the house when she absolutely needed to be held or was crying, but it wasn’t nearly as much as I thought. Comfortable to wear, she feels secure both facing in or out and easy to put on and take off on my own if needed. I was very close to purchasing one for $150. Very glad I didn’t.
  • Little Baby Bum on Netflix – Not a product but a sanity saver. Please do not get on my case for screen time, she MAYBE gets an hour a day, but that hour is necessary to get to chores or work or hell, to eat. They are hour long episodes of nursery songs with bright animations. Only downfall, I sing along to these all the time.

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