Our Favorite Newborn Products (0-3 months)

Baby registries can be so unnecessarily complicated so I wanted to simplify it for all you new mommas out there. Here are the newborn baby products that we used the most during the first 3 months of Madeline’s life. 

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This listing will be the longest as you will continue to use some of these as your little one gets older, and I will continue to share our favorite products for the different stages of Madeline’s first year.

Here is the listing for 3-6 months, and 6-9 months. I’m still working on the others ๐Ÿ˜‡

**I have an Amazon Influencers account as well as a RewardStyle account where I will earn a small commission on all of these products to no extra cost to you! I just want to be very clear ๐Ÿคฉ

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For your precious little one –

  1. SwaddleMe swaddles – these were IMPORTANT. We sucked at swaddling Madeline in a blanket since she was so very tiny. She loved to be snuggled tight and these did the trick. A good swaddle can extend naps/sleep time drastically. Trust me and buy these for your sanity.
    1. We did try the Halo swaddles as well, but they were always a little too big for Madeline. She was a teeny baby so this may work better if you don’t have a 5 pounder ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. MagneticMe Onesie and MagneticMe Gown – these are magical! They are also on the pricier end. We had 3 of these that were gifted and we used them just about every single night for the first month. Madeline did not like to be changed AT ALL for the first month of her life and would screaaaam every time she was changed. These helped that process to be much quicker and they were so incredibly soft. I liked the modal material the most! We had both the gown and footie styles and loved both equally. This would make a great baby shower gift for a friend.
  3. Boppy newborn lounger – Madeline napped in this most of the day for the first month of her life. It wasn’t used much after that, but I knew it was a safe place to set her down where she felt cradled versus just on a flat surface. We used this as opposed to buying the Dock A Tot or Snuggle Me
  4. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow – This is similar to the Boppy nursing pillow, but much more firm. I could lay Madeline on it and did not have to support her as much since learning to nurse is very difficult (but it gets easier, I promise!)
  5. Portable nightlight THIS!! I ordered this after accidentally waking up Madeline one too many times with my bedside lamp. It is dim enough to not disturb your partner or baby, but bright enough to not trip over anything on your way out. I would keep it on my side of the bed when I went to sleep. As Madeline would wake up throughout the night, I would turn it on, carry it with me and Madeline as we walked to the nursery and kept it on to nurse her. We would walk back to the room and it was easy to turn on and off with a long battery life as well. I obviously love this thing. 10/10 stars. GET IT. 
  6. Sound machine – This sound machine is basic and perfect. We always have it on the white noise option turned allll the way up. You can add batteries to use it on the go or keep it plugged into the wall like we do.
  7. Burp cloths – Madeline was a very spitty baby. I loved how these curved just slightly. 
  8. Bibs – Again, very spitty baby. We found these a little too late, but these would have been AMAZING to not have the “cheese neck” that Madeline always had ๐Ÿคช
  9. Portable changing pad – You can put all of your diapers, wipes, and diaper cream in this changing pad so you don’t have to lug around your entire diaper bag to every diaper change. Genius.
  10. Pack n play instead of bassinet – We didn’t buy a bassinet! We knew we would be traveling a good bit and honestly, the prices of bassinets were ridiculous for something she would only use for a few months. Madeline was moved to her crib at 2 months (earlier than expected, but helped her sleep tremendously) so I am very happy we did not spend any money on a bassinet. This pack n play also comes with a changing attachment that we did not use once and a portable seat attachment that I used all the time. This one has a bouncer!! I would have loved to have this!
  11. Rock n play – not linkable since these have been recalled. We absolutely loved ours but made sure to stop using it as soon as she could roll over to make sure we were following the safety instructions perfectly. Madeline took her best naps in that swing.
  12. Angelcare bath support – we loved this bath support!! We used it from when Madeline’s umbilical cord fell off until she could sit up unassisted. It was easy to move around and clean and she loved being in it. Great price point.
  13. UPPA Baby Cruz Stroller and Mesa CarseatOk, this is a splurge, I 100% know it, but we have loved our carseat and stroller. We live in a neighborhood where we can use our stroller daily on walks, and we did for every day of my maternity leave! I have no negative reviews on this stroller other than the fact that it is pricier than others. I made sure to register through Amazon and got the stroller 15% off, I chose the cheapest color making it $150 less than rack rate. This is UPPA Baby’s step down from the Vista, which has a bassinet attachment and a larger basket below the stroller. It’s also costs A LOT more. In my opinion, I prefer the Cruz because it’s more narrow. I do not miss the extra basket space since the Cruz basket is also a great size (I have grocery shopped several times with it), and I didn’t need a bassinet attachment. If you’re torn on the two, I would sway you to save money and get the Cruz.
  14. Bottle preference – We started out with the Dr. Brown’s bottles and would give Madeline one bottle of breastmilk a day, starting around 3 or 4 weeks. We ultimately switched over to Avent natural and Mam bottles and still use them today (at 8 months old).
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For momma –

  1. Easy access outfits – Almost everything I wore was button down or deep v for nursing. I would buy at least 4 outfits so that you can be as comfy as possible as you’re getting used to an entirely new life. Here are my fav –
    1. Nightgown – because girlfriend, wear your pajamas all day. Who cares!
    2. Pajama set – when you’re ready to wear pants again.
    3. The best robe – I waited too long to buy this robe because it’s over my $30 limit of careless spending. Best purchase of 2019.
  2. Haaka manual pump– for you breast feeding mommas, this was so helpful for those first few weeks. When you’re engorged and your baby is full, but you’re a little too intimidated by the electric pump, this is your best friend. It slowly relieves engorged breasts and I had great success with this in the first month or so. Watch a video on how to attach it for the best results. Keep in mind, I found this was great for engorged breasts but not all the time so as your supply evens out, you may not have as much success. That was my experience as least. Well worth the $13
  3. Nursing bras from amazon and motherhood maternity. I wore these day and night and were so comfy.
  4. Warming/icing nursing pads – it took me WAY too long to find these. These helped so much with pain I had from using my electric pump and would have helped so much in that first week of breastfeeding bc hello it’s hard.
  5. Water bottles everywhere – I had my gigantic hospital water bottle that I carried around, but I also kept water bottles in different rooms just in case because you will be so parched its ridiculous
  6. Pumping bra – just buy it if you plan to pump at all. All you need is a few sessions without one to realize that you need one!
  7. Fridababy Peri Bottle – they give you on at the hospital but this one is better and it’s nice to have one in each bathroom if your house has more than one. Seems silly to spend money on this, but it helps.

Things we bought but didn’t use –

  1. Mamaroo – I know……… she didn’t like it nearly as much as the rock n play, but liked it as she got older (3-4 months) for 30 minutes at a time. It was never her favorite and we are kicking ourselves for buying it.
  2. Kiinde Breastmilk storage system –  I was pumped about this, and it seemed so convenient but it didn’t work for us. I hated freezing breastmilk in those storage bags as they weren’t space efficient and the measurements were off. I preferred these bags to store breastmilk.
  3. Diaper pail – we opted for the cheaper Diaper Genie but we only used it for a month. We got into the habit of either changing her on the couch downstairs or walking the diaper downstairs and into our main trash that we take out daily. Some people love it, but I’m indifferent about it.
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snapped a picture of the very few times she napped in the mamaroo – I wish she would have liked it more!
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